JISR Institute, a.s. is a Czech company providing comprehensive solutions and capabilities for Joint Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (JISR), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Anti-drone protection:

  • Complex C4ISR solutions including CSD and IMINT Management
  • NATO standardized CESMO Networking of COMINT/ELINT/ESM systems
  • EW Custom Hierarchy Scale CESMO Ready Command and Control
  • Tactical COMINT/ELINT/ESM Reconnaissance and Surveillance
    on vehicular, ship, UGV, and UAV platforms
  • Complex Counter-UAV/Anti-Drone Solution based on C4AD Management
  • Mission Planning, Real-time decision making, Datamining
  • All-level maintenance and training program
  • Proven in several missions and conflicts by the Czech Armed Forces
    and NATO
  • Supplier of NATO, military, defence, and security entities worldwide
  • Combat-proven systems and applications, more than 20 years
    of experience

JISR Institute is a developer of Complex multi-domain C4 Systems, which provide interconnection, improvement of assets capabilities, and enhance communication, coordination and cooperation within National Forces and also NATO Coalition Forces.

Latest News

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JISR participated at VIGO24 and AOC Europe

We are pleased to announce that in May 2024, the international exercise VIGO 2024 took place in Lithuania, organized by the German Armed Forces. As part of this exercise, the CESMO Demo Day was held, during which airborne and ground electromagnetic warfare platforms were linked using the CESMO (Cooperative Electronic Support Measures Operations) network, confirming the benefits of this concept for the Baltic states..

Pour FĂ©liciter 2024

Wishing you a joyful Christmas and a year ahead filled with boundless opportunities, personal growth, and moments of sheer happiness. May 2024 be a chapter of success, joy, and memorable achievements for each one of you..

NATO STANAG 4559 Custodian Support Working Group Meeting

As a member of NATO STANAG 4559 Custodian Support working group, we were very proud for being the host of annual 49th meeting, which was held during 10 to 13 October in Pardubice, Czech Republic..

Our Systems

Our systems are completely platform-independent and adaptable to the specific structure of various military units. These systems are mutually compatible and interoperable across multiple domains, including integration with BMS, Air Defense, or interconnection within Coalition Forces.